Paris Tourist Guide

Your guide to Attractions, Shopping, Hotels, Restaurants and Transport in Paris.


Visit the spectacular Monuments and Museums of Paris. Most of them are world famous, like the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris or the Louvre Museum, the largest museum in the world.
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From expensive Haute Couture boutiques, to shopping malls and open air markets, paris has it all.
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Paris has a wide selection of hotels - Luxury Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Business Hotels, Family Hotels and Budget Hotels.
Alternatives are Aparthotels that combines the service of a hotel with the furnishing of an apartment.
Or look for a fully furnished apartment offered by privates.
B&B's is a good choice if you want to meet the locals and experience real parisian culture.
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Paris is famous for its wide selection of restaurants and cafés. No where in the world you will find so many top quality restaurants as in Paris
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Paris has a variety of choises for transport; metro, buses, taxis, riverboats, rental bikes and more, making it very easy and enjoyable to get around.
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