The Metro in Paris

The subway system in Paris is called the “Metro”.
With more than 300 stations on 16 different metro lines it is one of the best and most expanded subways in the world.
The metro lines are named by numbers 1 through 14.

Service hours

The service of the Paris metro starts at around 5.30 AM in the morning and stops at around 00.40 AM in the night.
On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays service is extended until around 01.40 AM in the night.
The metro does not run a fixed schedule but frequency between trains ranges from about 2 minutes during busy hours up to about 10 minutes.

Metro Map

View or download an official Paris Metro Map provided by RATP, the public transport operator of Paris*:

Paris Metro Map (PDF-file, 167kb) ►

*) Plans and other RATP map elements are the exclusive property of the latter. Subject to availability, they are usable and downloadable for free from the site: http:// under the conditions specified in it.